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An anterior cruciate ligament tear pain shot would be much better than having to do surgery -Right?

This is often referred to as the ACL tear. When you have an ACL tear it is often accompanied by a popping sound and the ‘trick knee’ that is constantly ‘giving out’ from underneath you.

What is the ACL and What Does It Do?
ACL Tear

The four ligaments in your knees all play a vital part in the movement, stability, and load-bearing.
The ACL is located under the kneecap and is vital for your knee joint stabilization.
ACL injuries often occur when there is a twisting motion that occurs during a collision in sports, rough play, falls, work-related and even literally just ‘moving wrong at the wrong time’ and your weight is bearing down which may result in a torn or damaged ACL.
Even elite athletes have torn an ACL without having contact and not even running.
In the past, the only option for ACL tears was surgery, but now that stem cell therapy has made so many advancements, it is smart to look into stem cell therapy before having a doctor do surgery.

Symptoms You Have An ACL Tear?

In addition to the pain, there is either a ‘popping’ sensation in your knee or you may actually hear a loud ‘pop’ when you sustain the injury. At the time of the tear, your knee most likely becomes extremely unstable and it gives out from underneath you.
A trained medical specialist will ask you a series of questions while checking the stability of your knee by moving it in various motions while observing the stability as well as your comments as to experiencing pain as a result of the movements.
The movements are designed to ‘stress test’ the knee joint to determine if there is a possible torn ACL.
An MRI will clearly show the extent of a tear if there is one as well as if there may be any other damage to the knee.

Does ACL Tear  Automatically Means Surgery?

Reconstructive ACL, which is when you take the ligament from another part of your body and use it to replace the torn ACL used to be the automatic option, but with the advances in regenerative medicine, this is no longer the case.
Stem cell therapy regenerates ligaments, cartilage, soft tissue, muscles and more. Plus, stem cell therapy has a powerful anti-inflammatory component which means that is ideally designed to be the first line of defense if you have an ACL tear.
The degree or grade of the tear will play a part in making the determination as to which path to fixing your torn ACL is best, but it just makes sense to try the natural, non-invasive, non-surgical, drug-free option -first – RIGHT?
We would value the opportunity to speak with you and your family about how our services may be your best option for knee pains and in particular an ACL tear.

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